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Trending strategic business plan questionnaire APPENDIX A - SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRE | Strategic Planning an - Under is the uncorrected device-examine textual content of this bankruptcy, supposed to provide our own search engines and external engines with rather rich, chapter-consultant searchable textual content of each book. Because it's far uncorrected fabric, please do not forget the following textual content as a useful but inadequate proxy for the authoritative e book pages.

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55 1. Has your branch completed a strategic making plans method within the beyond five years? Sure no if no, you could bypass the relaxation of this questionnaire. 2. If yes, what year changed into your most recent strategic plan finished? ______ three. What became the fundamental impetus for growing this strategic plan? A legislative requirement an govt mandate from the governor’s office or relevant govt business enterprise the branch’s own initiative. Please add any comment you can wish to make about how or why your branch decided to undertake a strategic planning attempt. 4. Who led this strategic making plans attempt? Please provide title and enterprise. 5. Please imply the extent to which each of the following was worried in developing this strategic plan. The ceo centrally moderately peripherally or by no means the government group centrally fairly peripherally or under no circumstances senior managers centrally reasonably peripherally or under no circumstances center level managers centrally fairly peripherally or on no account lower level managers centrally fairly peripherally or never employees centrally reasonably peripherally or not at all external stakeholders centrally reasonably peripherally or never consultants centrally fairly peripherally or on no account 6. To what quantity does your branch’s strategic plan include (1) strategies which are carried out via particular purposeful divisions or other organizational gadgets, versus (2) cross-practical strategic projects which might be implemented across all units or thru unique initiatives outdoor the everyday structure? All applied via precise practical gadgets mainly thru practical divisions, however some cross-reducing strategies an excellent mix of the 2 usually cross-slicing techniques, but some implemented through practical gadgets all cross-cutting strategic projects. 7. In standard, how a success has your department been to this point in implementing the strategic projects contained to your strategic plan? Very a hit somewhat a success no longer in particular a success. 8. Does your branch’s strategic plan outline strategic goals and/or strategic goals? Sure no.

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